Chiko Shinmoto
Kanji Name 新本 チコ
Romaji Name Chiko Shinmoto
Gender Female
Age 20
School/Work 2nd year college student
Anime Appearance Episode 1
Chiko is the elder sister of the Shinmoto siblings and is a 2nd-year university student.

Appearance Edit

Chiko is a young woman of average height with blond hair and blue-green eyes. She is mostly seen smiling because of her cheerful personality and she is slightly self-centred.


Chiko is a really energetic girl, but can also be lazy at times. Beside that she is 'obsessed' with handsome guys where you can see in the first episode of the anime, that she doesn't seem to like to go to the college just because there aren't any handsome guys.

Chiko's dream is to conquer the world which is similar to Mako's which is to save the world being a heroine by defeating anyone in her way. She is called an otaku by Chika but seems to hate being called like that. Instead, she wants to be called as a bishojo (a beautiful girl).

She also likes yaoi where you can see in episode 8 that she wrote her own yaoi story and tries to sell it.