Mao Saitou
Kanji Name 斉藤 マオ
Romaji Name Mao Saitou
Gender Male
Age 17
School/Work 2nd Year High School
Anime Appearance Episode 1
Mao is the younger brother of the Saito siblings. He is also the best friend of Chika Shinmoto. He appears to have a crush on Chiko Shinmoto.


Mao has messy purple hair with greenish-yellow eyes. Mao is described as a handsome and attractive boy that girls love. He has no expression and seldom smiles.


Mao can be pretty quiet, but he can also be straight forward. He has a laid back personality. He also has a strange side where he was seen with his hand puppet in the first episode of the anime and during episode three Mao joked about being interested in men rather than women. His hobby is hanging out with his best friend, Chika. Mao is kind to everybody, especially Chiko, Chika's older sister. He seems to have a soft side for Chiko, seeing as he has his eyes for her. He can be encouraging towards Chiko when she's trying her best to draw manga and stuff.


Puppet 2

Mao with his puppet.